We're working to make sure our products are:


We plan to offer several customization options so you can get a toy that meets your needs and looks great, too. You will be able select from a range of firmness options and choose your own color scheme for a toy that is uniquely yours!

We're working on several other exciting options as well, so stay tuned!


We use only platinum-cure silicone and body-safe pigments. Our toys will not cause irritation, are odorless, non-porous, and can be sterilized. With proper care, our toys will offer you safe fun for years to come!

For more about what makes plat-cat silicone so great for toys, visit our Q&A page in the Help section.


We strive to offer toys that meet the needs of a variety of people while remaining respectful, and hope to expand our offerings soon!

In the mean time, we welcome any feedback regarding what makes a toy usable for you. Feel free to drop us suggestions!


We understand that the nature of our products is sensitive. In an effort to respect the need for privacy, we do our best to make sure our packages are discreet. Your secret is safe with us! For more information on shipping and billing, please check out the Store Policies and Shipping page in the Help section. If you have concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us!